With over 30 ministries and countless volunteer opportunities, the act of social outreach is a common practice at Sacred Heart Church. While volunteering is essential, the parish believes it is only one half of the solution. The other half that is often overlooked is acting for justice by working towards an ultimate resolution.  One of the parish’s largest social outreach efforts is its work to benefit students in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and the people of Grand Boulage, Haiti.  Sacred Heart’s involvement differs in these two communities, yet the efforts in both areas share a common goal; empowering the people by providing educational resources.  Ami Conlan, Pastoral Associate of Sacred Heart Church explained, “The only way Haiti is going to improve is through education”.

In Porta – au – Prince, Sacred Heart Church sponsors a total of ten students through the Tierney-Tobin Memorial Scholarship Program. The annual fee is $450 which covers tuition and one meal per day. The sponsored students will continue the scholarship throughout their educational career, so long as they meet the academic requirements. This sponsorship is supported through the parish’s GIFT (Growing in Faith Together) program. The sponsored Haitian students are paired with Sacred Heart students of the same age. In each GIFT classroom there is a picture of the sponsored student accompanied with a letter and the communication continues between the students at Sacred Heart and Haiti throughout the year.  Often times, the students at Sacred Heart will continue each year with the same sponsored Haitian student, fostering a personal relationship with them.  Over the years the parish has witnessed sponsored students continue their education and advance into professional careers, one even becoming a physician.

In addition to our student sponsorship program, Sacred Heart Church works diligently to provide education and development in the town of Grand Boulage, Haiti. Grand Boulage homes Sacred Heart’s sister parish, Our Lady of Seven Sorrows.  With the parish’s contribution, the village developed a school for the children.  The people of Grand Boulage are now working towards developing a medical clinic with the donations provided by Sacred Heart. The two major Sacred Heart fundraisers are the Seeds of Hope Gala in November and the Hoof it for Haiti 5k run/walk in April, which collectively raised a total of $71,131 last year. All of which, was donated to the development of Grand Boulage in hopes to provide them with basic necessities. Parishioners of all ages visit year round to experience their culture, develop a relationship, and help in any way they can.

Sacred Heart also concentrates on local social outreach through our various ministries. The parish opens its doors to anyone that would like an opportunity to help out locally or globally, or to causes that requires additional support/resources. If there is a specific need feel free to contact Sacred Heart Church at 203.264.5071


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