Empowered by God’s Spirit, our goal is to support Outreach to Haiti in their outreach to the people of Haiti through prayer, cultural exchange, just social action and resource assistance.

What's New...


Seeds of Hope

Save the date !  The Seeds of Hope Gala will be held on Friday, October 28th, 2016. 

Click here for more information on Seeds of Hope.



Youth Immersion Trip 2013

Our first youth group to visit Haiti and our sister parish in Gran Boulage recently returned from a very successful visit. Click the picture to view our Youth Immersion Trip video, or click here to learn more about immersion trips.


2012 Feast Day Reflections Video

Click the picture to view a video of reflections from the group that travelled to celebrate the Feast Day with our sisters and brothers in Gran Boulage in September, 2012.


Meet Our New Prayer Partners

During the latest visit to Our Lady of Seven Sorrows we paired nearly 250 new prayer partners. We've now paired over 300 prayer partners. Click the picture to learn more.


Hoof it for Haiti

Our annual Hoof it for Haiti event took place on April 27th. It was a great success with over 400 runners and walkers participating, enjoying wonderful weather and each others company. Click the picture to see more.

About Haiti

About Haiti For most of its history, Haiti has been plagued by political violence. Haiti’s infrastructure is in shambles and has never been efficient or effective. For the most part, government has not worked. Lack of clean, potable water is, and has long been, a very serious problem. Unemployment is rampant. Tourism is nearly nonexistent. There are few roads and most of those are unpaved. Shelter for many people is nothing more than a hovel with a dirt floor. Life expectancy for the average Haitian is a mere 53 years. There is little public schooling—only 20% of school age children can attend public schools. Everyone must pay to attend school or not go to school at all. Only 5% of children complete secondary level schooling because families simply cannot afford to keep their children in school. Lack of nutrition is a reality for most Haitian families. Still, the Haitian people are a proud, joyful and hope-filled people. They are determined to bring about the rebirth of their country.


Chair - Christine Granja
Vice Chair - Dave Rohlfing
Secretary - Kate Willoughby
Treasurer - Bruce Palmatier


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