To plan, oversee, and enhance the beauty of Sacred Heart facilities and grounds by providing manpower and expertise that supplements normal maintenance activities.

Major Activities:

  • Scope of ministry activity to include buildings and grounds at the church, pastors residence, and cemetery.
  • Organize and / or carry out activities that will improve the appearance and operation of parish facilities and grounds.
  • Create and / or enforce policies designed to maintain parish property in an attractive and serviceable condition.
  • Coordinate with the Pastor, pastoral council, finance, and other appropriate committees, and Ed Comstock as required, in the development of plans for ministry activity.
  • Plan for future use and growth.

Ministry Members:

Any parishioner, skilled or unskilled, who is interested in donating time and talent in this type of activity, is most welcomed.


Please check the bulletin for information on dates and times for committee meetings.

Committee Operation:

A roster of the committee membership is maintained containing the skills and areas of expertise / interest of each member. Proposed projects are brought to the attention of the committee through many sources such as Father Joe, Ed Comstock or other parish staff, other committees, or concerned parishioners. The committee decides at regular meetings how a project should be handled in general and a project manager with relevant experience is sought from the membership. Depending on the scope of the project, it may be handled totally within the committee (i.e. manpower consisting totally of volunteer committee members) or outside contractors may be hired under the direction of committee management with the approval of Father Joe. Project managers can request volunteers from the membership using the skills list as appropriate. The status of all projects is reviewed at our monthly meetings.

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