The Covenant

“Covenant” is a word used early in scripture to indicate a bond, commitment and allegiance between God and the children of God. “Covenant to Care” creates a bond and commitment between Sacred Heart Church and our area social workers in order to provide more resources to assist abused, neglected and impoverished children. From this structured relationship between the parishioners and social workers there is the hope that the social workers, so often overburdened by the sheer numbers of their caseload as well as the nature of the problems, will feel nurtured by the caring of others. At the same time, Sacred Heart parishioners increase their understanding and awareness of child abuse issues in our area.

Our Ministry presently has two covenants with the Department of Children and Families in Southbury. Our work is mostly on an emergency basis, and changes as our Social Worker’s needs change. Our biggest challenge is meeting emergency requests, quickly.

We provide goods and services to the Department of Children and Families in Southbury.
Some of our specific programs include; adoption of the DCF “healthy foods and drinks pantry” for children in transition; emergency baby needs, including beds and bedding, cribs, car seats, furniture, clothing and food; Christmas Gift Giving Tree, Easter Baskets, special occasion gifts; school backpacks and school supplies; and our Prom Dress Program.

Participation in our Covenant to Care Ministry varies greatly. A small core of volunteers plan projects and interact with our Social Workers and attend periodic meetings at our regional Covenant to Care. Most of our remaining volunteers participate by actually donating what is needed.

We welcome suggestions and new members.

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