Walk In Their Footsteps

In Support Of The St. Vincent de Paul Mission

Waterbury, CT

October 24, 2010

"Walk in Their Footsteps" is a fund and consciousness raising event held in Waterbury, CT to support the St. Vincent de Paul Mission activities. For more details on their many good works, click here to view the Mission web page. Following are a few images of the days events.

After all the Masses this weekend young members of the ROCK group collected donations for the St. Vincent de Paul Mission.<P>
Part of the contingent from Sacred Heart out for the walk. Led by our pastor, Fr. Joe, many parishioners, young and old were there to lend their support to a good cause.<P>
Now Hear This!! The best way to get peoples attention is by using a bull horn. Especially when you have a lot of them, spread out all over the parking lot.
Fr. Joe, who is also the chairman of the board for the Mission welcomed everyone, and thanked them for their efforts.
And we're off to the first stop, the Homeless Shelter. Quite a line of marchers ahead...
walk_2010_05 well as behind.
The shelter staff welcomed the large crowd in small groups to better explain the operation. This is the largest homeless shelter in the state.<P>
A welcome sight at all road crossings, and other tricky spots, the Waterbury Police kept things moving smoothly and safely.
If Waterbury isn't known as the "City of Churches", it should be. The walk took us past several of the larger houses of worship, and quite a number of smaller ones. This is The Shrine of Saint Anne for Mothers.<P>
Next stop, the Thrift Shop. a quick walk through, and a chance to worry that it was going to rain on our parade just as we reached the furthest point from our start. Fortunately, it was just a passing shower.
Sometimes God gives us a little support with the beauty of nature all around us. Nothing compares to New England in the fall, even in the middle of a large city.
First Congregational Church, another of the houses of worship we passed...
...and St. John Episcopal..
...and the magnificent Church of the Immaculate Conception, known far and wide as "The Immaculate", the only basilica in Connecticut.<P>
The line gets really stretched out as we draw near to the Soup Kitchen, where those in need are offered food every day.
A smaller house of worship, the Hindu Temple is right next to the Soup Kitchen.
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