Habitat for Humanity is a non-denominational faith-based organization known internationally for building simple, decent houses for people in need. The Habitat goal of ending poverty housing is realized one house at a time, spurred by the determination that everyone is entitled to live in a home that is safe, warm and dry. This goal meshes with the principles of Catholic Social Teaching which guide us to recognize the dignity and rights of every person with a special option for the poor and vulnerable.

The mission of Habitat for Humanity empowers the poor – working with them to build houses, providing training for new homeowners, and encouraging these new “partners” to “pass it on.” The new homeowners are not “gifted” with a house. They contribute “sweat equity”—both in the building of their own home and in successive builds in the area for other new homeowners—and they take on a mortgage which is held by the Habitat affiliate that built the house. Habitat for Humanity of Greater Waterbury (HFHGW) is a young and growing affiliate formed in 2002. In 2007, the affiliate completed the first house built by Habitat for Humanity in the Waterbury area. Anyone who has looked for housing in the Waterbury area knows that safe, affordable housing is hard to find. This is a problem throughout Connecticut, putting a squeeze on low income families, making it impossible for them to thrive and often forcing them to move out of state. HFHGW is committed to building more affordable homes in the future.

Some of the committees in need of members are:

  • Site Selection – identifies and works to obtain building sites in the greater Waterbury area
  • Development – recommends and carries out fund-raising efforts
  • Volunteer Relations – coordinates volunteers and maintains volunteer records
  • Construction – the most visible of all HFH activities involves volunteers in the actual construction of simple, decent houses
  • Communications – maintains and updates the affiliate website, publishes a newsletter, and coordinates local public relations and advocacy efforts
  • Finance – oversees affiliate spending, budgeting, etc.
  • Faith Relations – performs outreach to area faith communities and maintains a relationship to keep faith communities involved with Habitat efforts
  • Family Services– Selects the partner family for new construction and provides counseling and support as necessary

Contact Information for this ministry

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Or call the HFHGW Office, 596-0014 or email: www.buildwithhabitat@yahoo.com.