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Good Friday will once again be celebrated in a special way in Southbuy! The Youth Groups of Sacred Heart, St. James, and United Church of Christ, will dramatize Jesus' walk to Calvary. The Stations of the Cross will begin at St. James Lutheran Church at 10 AM. and several stops will be made along the way with the walk ending at Sacred Heart. All who will participate will reflect on the reenactments offered by the youth of each church, who will be dressed in costume. 


All are invited to join the parishioners of the Southbury churches to pray and reflect on Jesus' Walk to Calvary. Bring the children, wagons, and strollers, and take the shuttle buses from Sacred Heart parking lot to St. James Church. The walk will begin with the Condemnation of Jesus' at St. James and, after several stops along the way for additional reflections, will end with the Crucificion of Jesus on the hillside of Sacred Heart Church. A prayer experience you will always remember!


Shuttle buses will leave Sacred Heart beginning at 9:00 AM . and will run until 9:50 AM - AT WHICH TIME TRANSPORTATION WILL NO LONGER BE PROVIDED TO ST. JAMES CHURCH. So park you car here in the parking lot and board the bus that will tranport you back in time to the late 20's A.D. to prayerfully reflect on the First Good Friday 2,000 years ago. A reflection your family will never forgot!