GIFT (Growing in Faith Together) is our Whole Community Catechetical Program offering intergenerational, all ages, event-centered learning during the course of 6 Events held during the year. There is a 6 year spiral of learning content that incorporates the four pillars of Catechesis; prayer, sacraments/liturgy, creed and commandments/morality.

The program requires about 60 volunteers for each GIFT session. Many different talents and interests are needed and there is a place for everyone. Here are some areas where we need assistance:

  • Session Greeters
  • Lesson Facilitators
  • Home Packet Assemblers
  • Meal Planning Coordinators
  • Kitchen/Dining Assistants
  • Artists, Actors, Musicians
  • Liturgical Readers
  • Administrative Helpers

We encourage each parishioner volunteer to be an active part of the GIFT Program. It is not necessary to commit to all sessions – start small! We ask only a little of your time and, in return, promise that you will find it rewarding and fulfilling.

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