Ministers of the Word, commonly known as Readers, proclaim the Word of God to those coming to worship at Sunday or daily Mass. Readers should be practicing Catholics and registered members of Sacred Heart Church. Readers must have the ability to stand before an assembly and read the Word of God in a clear, articulate, well-modulated voice so that the Word of God can be heard and understood by those assembled to worship.

Members of this ministry should reflect the diversity of the parish community; thus, men and women of various ages, social and ethnic backgrounds, married and single alike, are invited to join the ministry. High School students are warmly welcomed to the ministry and encouraged to participate! Those accepting the call to serve as a Reader must recognize that service in this ministry is for the purpose of meeting the needs of the parish community and that there is a resulting commitment to prepare properly to proclaim the Word of God at daily and /or week-end Masses, Holy Days of Obligation, and other special Masses offered during the liturgical year, according to a published schedule. Training is offered at Sacred Heart at various times during the year.

This ministry is open to adults and high school age students.

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