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We invite people of all ages to grow in faith together. Our goal is to provide programs and resources to equip individuals, couples and families on a life-long journey of faith.

2019-2020F.T. Learning Theme: Celebrating the Sacraments

Returning Families Register for the 2019-2020 GIFT here.

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Whole Community Catechesis, Intergenerational Learning and Lifelong Faith..."For ages 6-106!"

Please join in these special sessions designed for the whole family, for individuals, couples and adults of all ages.  We create opportunities to engage in meaningful learning experiences that encourage authentic discussion while remaining topical and relevant to real life.


This program is right for you:

If you wish to strengthen your faith life and the faith life of your family

  • If you seek tools to enter into conversations of faith, values, and religion with your family and community
If you have struggled to share your own faith with your children and others
If you desire to nurture your children’s belief in God and in God’s love for each of us

  • If you want to have or encourage a greater participation in the life of the church for yourself and/or your family.


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 Whole community catechesis

     creates a path

     toward living discipleship.


The journey for those who follow Christ

     is more fruitful

     when we travel together,

     learning and growing,

     sharing and supporting
one another along the way.


As the community reflects

     on its relationship in Christ,

     every member is nurtured in faith,

     newcomers and long-timers alike.


Each person is valued in a manner that says

     'not only do we care for you,

     but we care for you so deeply

     that we want you to grow
in your love for Christ 

     for the rest of your life’


- Leisa Anslinger, Here Comes Everybody!

Whole Community Catechesis in the Parish